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NEWS: Launch of the Canada Economic Forum

The Canada Economic Forum announced today the establishment of the next generation speakers’ forum. Delivered entirely on a digital platform, the Canada Economic Forum provides political and industry leaders, influencers, and civil society the power to communicate important messaging to key stakeholders.

The Canada Economic Forum is the new platform for the new normal. It provides an impactful experience with ease and convenience. Whether in a traditional or home office, on the move or just relaxing, all Canada Economic Forum events are just a click away. All that is needed is a smart phone, tablet or computer coupled with a wi-fi connection. There is no charge to attend. Attendees just need to register to take part in the event.

Mark Adler, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Economic Forum, is a former Member of Parliament and founder of the Economic Club of Canada.

“The global pandemic has changed everything - especially traditional in-person speaking events. You just can’t host hundreds of people in a single venue any longer”

The Canada Economic Forum represents the new medium to deliver important messaging.

Net Zero

As an all digital platform, the Canada Economic Forum is also #netzero. In the past, both the speaker and attendees would need to travel to the event. This was not only time consuming but would result in damaging carbon emissions entering our environment. The Canada Economic Forum is proud to be the first speakers’ organization in the world to make a net zero declaration.

“We are doing our part to help the world transition to a low carbon economy and create a more sustainable future for everyone”, says Adler.

To find out about upcoming events, visit and register and join over 15,000 Canadians already receiving upcoming event alerts. It’s free to join and free to attend all events. Visit and register now.

You can download this press release below.

CE Forum Press Release - Launch
Download PDF • 444KB


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